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Who Is Jim Ross? 
I've been involved in the self storage industry for over 20+ years.  

I started in this industry as a newlywed living and managing a couple of self storage properties.  My role grew to that of regional manager overseeing many properties across various states throughout the U.S. 
I even ran my a self storage auction company for a few years! 

I've enjoyed speaking at various self storage conferences throughout the U.S.  and conducting workshops. 

A few years ago I started producing content content that educated and hopefully entertained a little bit at the same time.  We talked about marketing, increasing your rentals and making money.  That rolled into me opening up my own third party management company and other services designed to help your self storage facility be a success. 

So over the years, I've helped owners build their dream facilities, to helping owners get started into the business by buying sites...that well...needed a lot of tender loving care.  Long story short, I've been there and done that and it's my goal to bring my knowledge and experience to those that are looking to make their self storage businesses a massive success. 

Enjoy these FREE services and I look forward to talking with you.  
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Jim Ross
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